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Flashes and Floaters

The Retina and Vitreous Center of Southern Oregon was very pleased to take part in this year’s Senior Resource Fair in Grants Pass on September 9, 2017. Many local residents and vendors learned about the services offered at our practice, and common eye symptoms were discussed. The most frequently asked question was regarding symptoms of flashes and floaters, which can be a warning sign of an urgent problem with the retina, the nerve layer in the back of the eye.

Flashes and floaters can be the first warning that sudden changes have occurred in the vitreous, the gel-like substance that fills the back of the eye. In most adults, the vitreous will separate from the retina at some point in life, usually after the age of 60. This change to the vitreous may cause flickers of light and floaters to appear in the visual field. Sometimes separation of the vitreous results in retinal tears or detachments, which require urgent diagnosis and treatment.

We always recommend prompt eye evaluation for new symptoms of flashes or floaters to screen for retinal damage. Please feel free to call our office for an appointment if you have noted these symptoms.

-Dr. John Hyatt

Dr. John Hyatt, opthalmologist

Dr. John Hyatt

Dr. Hyatt received his Medical Degree from Louisiana State University. He then served as a Medical Officer for 3 years in various Marine Corps units, including 2 tours to Iraq.

He was the Senior Medical Officer of a clinic stationed in Camp Schwab in Okinawa, where he served 3000 personnel, provided emergency medical care, coordinated the physician call schedule, trained 35 physician extenders and enlisted medics, and organized periodic mass casualty training. Dr. Hyatt was twice awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

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