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Patient Forms Information

If you wish you can download and print our patient appointment forms to fill out prior to your appointment (you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it).

An initial examination process often lasts three to four hours, depending on required testing or treatments.During this time both eyes will be fully dilated, a current medical history will be established, and visual and ocular exams will be performed.

Diagnostic tests may also be performed, and in many cases we are able to provide in-house rapid development. When office treatment is indicated, we try to offer it on the same day as your examination. If hospital surgery is necessary, it may be scheduled for the day following your exam.

Filling out your patient forms prior to your visit is one way to cut down the wait time.

You can download the following patient forms online:


Retina and Vitreous Patient Files

Required New Patient Forms to fill out (All in One)
Retina and Vitreous Registration Information Form
Retina and Vitreous Medical History Questionnaire
Retina and Vitreous Patient Medication List
Retina and Vitreous Authorization To Disclose Medical Records (to get records to us)
Retina and Vitreous Request for Access to Health Information (to get records from us)
Retina and Vitreous Notice Of Privacy Practices 2015
Retina and Vitreous Acknowledgement - HIPAA Privacy Info
Retina and Vitreous Patient Communication Form